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AG入选EETimes’ list of 15-in-15:analog,MEMS and sens

2015-01-04 12:04:00
Senoida was on EETimes’ list of 15-in-15:analog,MEMS and sensor startups to watch in 2015.

Here are fifteen startups that are eagerto change the world of electronics and that we think are worth keeping an eyeon in 2015 if you are interested in analog, MEMS and sensors.

At this time last year we provided a listof ten startup companies to keep an eye on in 2014 operating in the area ofanalog, MEMS and sensors. This year there are many interesting companiesemerging and so we have decided to increase the total to 15 entries.

The blossoming of the sector may be to dowith the general buoyancy of the total global semiconductor market, which looksset to achieve close to a 10 percent year-on-year growth in value in 2014 andto the fact that analog, MEMS and sensor activities seem to be doing slightlybetter than the overall average. Certainly the proliferation of sensors within mobile handsets seems to be an encouraging development. There is not only scopefor a greater number of more sophisticated sensors in such equipment but alsofor the same or similar sensors to appear broadly across other equipment fromautomotive to industrial and medical.
The latest batch of newcomers includescompanies active in inertial, image and chemical sensors as well as depthperception and gesture recognition. And if the list seems skewed away from thepurely analog – it possibly reflects the fact that there appears to be greatervalue to add at a lower cost of entry in the more application-specific area ofsensors.

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